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Meditations in the Messianic Psalms

Meditations in the Messianic Psalms

This Christ-centred book on the Messianic Psalms is refreshingly heart- warming. It will gently and simply lead the English reader into these Old Testament Hebrew Texts. The author with great skill shows how quotations of the Messianic Psalms in the New Testament can consistently and contextually provide essential spiritual illumination of the Old Testament passages, even sections which seem at first remote and difficult to a casual reader. This book also shows how the divinely-inspired citations of the Messianic Psalms in the New Testament are basic to an even deeper understanding of all the major doctrines central to the Christian faith.

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Featured title

I Married A Soldier

I Married A Soldier

'I warned you Brenda, that's what you get for dating a soldier - heartache. A life of heartache.' It's an army spouse's worst nightmare. It's what you fear more than anything. But fear cannot prepare you for the reality, or the desperate heartache. I Married a Soldier tells the deeply moving, true story of Brenda Hale whose husband, Mark, was taken from her in an instant while serving in Afghanistan. In the midst of the grief, distress, and financial confusion caused by Mark's death, Brenda became determined to fight for the rights of her two daughters and their futures. Her campaigning to support bereaved forces families eventually led her into politics, where she rose to be a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. This is the powerful story of how one woman found a way through an event that threatened to crush her, by drawing on her faith in God and on a personal strength she didn't know she had.

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