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The Two Version Bible

  • The Two Version Bible
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    Binding: Calfskin Leather
    Reference: Yes
    Red letter: No
    Concordance: No
    Button flap or snap: No
    Zip: No
    Thumb index: No

    We are proud and delighted to make available again the treasured Two Version Bible.
    This Bible has been widely used over the years and has not been available for some time.
    Under our publishing imprint, Crimond House Publications, we have made it available again in a limited edition reprint. It is bound in the highest quality leather and binding, printed and bound in Europe.

    Black, quality calfskin leather
    Imitation leather lined
    Hand-finished cover
    Red-under-gold art-gild edging
    Semi-Yapp edge
    Ribbon Marker
    Printed on best quality Bible paper, 40gsm
    Gift boxed
    Page size: 8.5 X 5.5 inches approx. (210mm X 140mm)

    Authorized Version Text
    Revised Version changes in the margin
    Paragraph headings
    Centre-Column references
    Good margin for notes
    Blank pages for extra notes

    Explanatory Key
    Epistle Dedicatory
    The Translator's Notes To The Reader (preface to the Authorized Version)
    Preface to the Revised Version of the Old Testament
    The Old Testament
    Old Testament Appendix - List of differences between the English Revision Committee and the American Revision Committee.
    Preface to the Revised Version of the New Testament
    Key to abbreviations in the New Testament
    The New Testament
    New Testament Appendix - List of differences between the English Revision Committee and the American Revision Committee.

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    1. Very well done!!!!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st Jun 2018

      I have quite a few bibles and this one is very well done. On par with my Cambridge and Schuyler bibles. If you are a bible collector it is a must have. Love having the AV and RV in the same volume and it is very easy to use. Only slight knock is it only has one ribbon marker. Just a beautiful bible.

    2. Fantastic bible 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Oct 2017

      I don’t usually write product reviews, but for the Two Version Bible I feel that I must. I have quite a lot of bibles, including a fair few by premium publishers like Cambridge and Schuyler. The Two Version Bible is, in my opinion, their equal in every way that counts.

      In terms of physical features, mention must be made of the paper quality, which is excellent. The print is also very clear, which makes it a pleasure to read. The calfskin is probably the best I’ve seen on any bible, and the binding is superb.

      The physical size of the bible is also just about perfect. It’s slightly smaller than a full-size bible. In terms of thickness, it is about the same as a Cambridge Clarion (due to the quality 40gsm paper used in the Two Version Bible). This is in no way a negative. When you have the bible in your hand, you just get the (correct) impression that you’re holding a quality bible that will last a lifetime (and then some).

      The layout of the text in the Two Version Bible is also very appealing. There is no clutter to distract the reader from scripture. I’m really looking forward to using this bible on a daily basis (I really think it will quickly become a go-to bible for me).

      I also want to briefly mention the service from Ards Evangelical Bookshop, which is excellent. For those customers considering the Two Version Bible, but wondering about having it shipped internationally, I’d say don’t worry. I live in Japan, and have now purchased two bibles from Ards. Each time my order got to me within a week and was very well packaged.

      Overall, an excellent bible from an excellent bookshop.

      Highly recommended.

    3. amazing. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 7th May 2017

      Top quality bible. The best bible I've bought by far. Also very quick delivery A++.

    4. Small but beautiful 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 6th Feb 2017

      Great Bible. Covers are beautiful. Text is small but really well done. Two tassels would be nice rather than one though.

    5. The Two Version Bible has quickly become my everyday bible! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Jun 2016

      This Bible is complete with all of the bells and whistles needed to track the deviations from the ecclesiastic bible made by the Greek scholars of late; including, easy to read key annotations, center column references, translation to the readers and much more. Unfortunately, modern bibles, do not have the same attention to detail for dividing God's word; given, they are geared to quick answers by commentators cutting and pasting the same opinion over and over again that detract from diligent study of using scripture to interpret scripture.

      In years past, families might only own a single book, the bible, depending on sophisticated apparatus and the advanced scholarship of the translation itself to guide them thru God's word. Even modern bible software products fall short of this mark, depending on elaborate word searches and original language dictionaries that obfuscate the ambiguities of the Greek and Hebrew copies, only adding confusion.

      As far as I know, there is not a single modern bible software program that is geared to providing the information that can be obtained by glancing at a single verse of this bible.

      From the Explanatory Key:
      In the R.V columns:
      - s denotes readings substituted in the RV for those in the AV
      - A denotes and addition
      - M " a marginal note, or alternative reading
      In the AV text:
      - O denotes the omission from the RV of the words marked.
      - ! denotes the end of the portion of text altered or omitted.
      - (cross) " that the words in italics which follow appear in roman type in the RV
      - (paragraph symbol) is used, in the present work, to indicate the beginning of a new paragraph in the RV. Every Chapter commences with a fresh paragraph unless otherwise stated.

      It takes a bit of learning and repetition to read the text and follow the meaning of the keys; though, with a little practice, it becomes second nature.

      Being a collector of bibles and owning many, this bible is built to the highest of standards:
      - The stitched cover is similar to Local Church Bible Publishers with the quality more consistent with a Jongbloed.
      - The paper is impressively opaque at 40gsm
      - The Smyth sewn binding is of the utmost in quality.
      - The Red-under-gold art-gild edging is consistent with high end bibles, comparable to Cambridge.
      - The hand size is perfect for reading and carry.

      Negatives (no show stoppers; on the contrary, this is now one of my favorite bibles!):
      - One ribbon marker
      - The inside flap of the stitched cover slightly catches on the first page.

      Compared to the Cambridge KJV/RV Interlinear, the Cambridge, at first is easier to read given the text is in line; though, the Cambridge is much larger and awkward to hold not lending itself to the advantages of the hand size Two Version bible. Also, the Cambridge is bias toward the RV, not including the most important AV translation to the readers; thus, relying on the RV authors only to give a second hand account of what is recorded by the AV translators and omitting the AV translators testimony on this very subject. Overall, the two version bible is geared more for the scholar; whereas, the Cambridge is simplified for the subscriber to the modern bibles to see the textual variations.

      In another review the reviewer indicated that this bible is becoming their everyday reading and carrying bible; after a few days with this bible, I absolutely concur, this bible is of good size, quality and provides excellent apparatus for bible study. In small group bible studies, most people today do not use the ecclesiastical bibles, they prefer the modern bible made by the Greek scholars using only ambiguous Greek copies; thus, sometimes it is difficult to know when they are reading variations, contradictions and omissions from the ecclesiastical bible.

      This bible packs in all the information in a hand size bible that is needed to follow along in bible studies and recognize variations that help in knowing where people are getting their differences in doctrine. Having the translators to the readers is a must have and should be studied by every student of the bible in order to understand the objections and thought processes of the translators, which texts they used and the texts they found to be in error.

      God bless you and keep you,

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