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Father's day gift ideas


It won't be long before Father's Day is here, so we have selected a few of our most recent and best selling books that may give you a few ideas...

This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, and we have a good selection of titles to mark this occasion. These include a gift edition of Foxe's Book of Martyrs, recently published by Kregel. This attractive hardback edition is printed on high quality paper and is filled with full colour portraits and illustrations. 

Katharina and Martin Luther by Michelle DeRusha is one of several new biographies about Martin Luther, and about Katharina von Bora, the lady who would become his wife. The book gives insights into their relationship and how Luther was greatly affected by the devotion of this godly woman. Luther and His Katie is another look at the marriage of the well-known reformer and his beloved. A smaller paperback book, its light reading style will appeal to the reader, while still remaining informative and holding the reader's interest to the end. We also have a number of titles on the history of various revivals in Great Britain and Europe which are well worth a look.

We are pleased to make available again a little book entitled Paula the Waldensian. This is a reprint of the delightful story of an orphan girl from the village of Villar in France, who goes to live with her cousin's family following the death of her parents. Originally written in French, 'Paula' tells the story of a young girl whose unwavering faith in Christ profoundly affects the lives of those in her adopted family.

War and Faith by Don Stephens is the sequel to his first book, War and Grace. which has proved popular. Containing short biographies of individuals who were saved during the First and Second World Wars, it is a book that is both easy to read and hard to put down.

Meditations in the Messianic Psalms by William McBride is another long-awaited title. An expert in Biblical Hebrew, the author examines and expounds on the language of the original manuscripts and offers a few insights into the Biblical text that are not conveyed in our English translations of the Scriptures.

Robert Surgenor tells of his pioneering Gospel missions in the state of West Virginia in his book, Happenings up the Hollow. In it the author recounts many of the experiences he had in his work for the Lord, the people that he met and some of the problems he faced and overcame in this often humourous account of his travels in the backwoods.

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