Understanding the Book of Revelation

The sub-title of this book is ‘A Commentary For A World In Crisis’. A few years ago people might have asked ‘What crisis?’ This book came to be writte...
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Author: Donald C B Cameron
Publisher: Crimond House Publications
The sub-title of this book is ‘A Commentary For A World In Crisis’. A few years ago people might have asked ‘What crisis?’ This book came to be written because, within a space of three days, four people asked me whether the Book of Revelation has anything to say about the current crisis. All were from evangelical churches which rarely if ever preach or teach from Revelation. This book is intended neither to be too basic nor to be too academic. Virtually every verse is covered, but periodically it comments on matters which appear to be coming clearer politically, environmentally or scientifically, as the prophetic horizon becomes ever nearer. In His Olivet Discourse Jesus foretold ever intensifying inter-racial strife, international warfare, famines, pandemics, earthquakes and men’s hearts failing them for fear as His Second Coming draws near. Revelation is the Apocalypse which contains at least as much good news as bad. Peter tells us to be able to answer anybody who asks a reason for our hope; Revelation helps us to do that comprehensively. We might think of Revelation as a longer second chapter of that Discourse. It draws together the loose ends of the numerous yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecies of both the Old and New Testaments. Jesus’ First Coming occupied a number of years, with so much packed between. These are covered in the four Gospels. Likewise His Second Coming is to have dramatic opening and closing events. Chapters 4 to 19 of Revelation cover the awesome intervening happenings – it is to be the mercifully short ‘day of vengeance of our God’, which is to follow the very much longer ‘acceptable year of the Lord’, which we know as the Church Age. Donald Cameron has written fifteen previous books and numerous articles and booklets on prophetic subjects. As an Army educational officer and a Russian interpreter, he had experience in intelligence and international diplomacy, regularly in contact with high level opposite numbers during the Cold War. He has been a leadership and team building consultant in industry. As a Christian throughout his long military career, he was involved with a wide variety of churches and organisations, and was often in leadership. He and his wife live in the Scottish Borders.
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Publisher Crimond House Publications
Author Donald C B Cameron
Binding Paperback
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