Constitution Alive: A Citizen's Guide - 4 Disc Set - Dvd

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Publisher: Bridgestone
A Citizen's Guide To The ConstitutionJoin David Barton and Rick Green, Constitutional experts and ad...
A Citizen's Guide To The Constitution
Join David Barton and Rick Green, Constitutional experts and advocates for the original intent of our founding documents in this one of a kind course on the meaning and purpose of the Constitution! You'll go article by article through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and learn about executive orders, recess appointments, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, and much more.

Shot on location in the amazing WallBuilders library of original documents and in Independence Hall, celebrating the 225th anniversary of the Constitution!

VOLUME 1 (approx 196 minutes)

Section 1: Introduction: Our Purpose and Approach
Discover the importance of studying, understanding, and upholding the timeless principles established by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Gain an awareness of what our founders risked to uphold the documents they created and learn what you can do to honor the sacrifices they made.

Section 2: The Seeds of Liberty
Before diving into the Constitution, take a step back to examine the document that set forth the principles applied within in - the Declaration of Independence. Along the way, learn why it's important to study the two documents side by side while keeping the context of the original language in mind.

Section 3: A 30,000 ft. Overview
Prepare to study the portions of the Constitution that are most in question today by taking a broad look at the document as a whole. With expert Rick Green as your guide, determine how each article and amendment impacts specific branches of government and our lives as citizens.

VOLUME 2 (approx 183 min)

Section 4: Article I: The Congress - Part One
Examine the specific powers given to Congress in Article I Section 8 of the Constitution. As you ponder those powers, explore the ways in which some of them have been distorted through interpretation and abused throughout the years.

Section 5: Article I: The Congress - Part Two
Dig deeper into Article I Section 8 of the Constitution to learn more about specific clauses that hold great importance for U.S. citizens. Wrap up your study of Article I by sitting in on a question and answer session with Constitutional expert Rick Green.

Section 6: Article II: The President
Explore Article II of the Constitution to determine what the executive branch of our government was designed to do. Along the way, discover the proper function of hte presidency in our nation as defined by the Constitution.

VOLUME 3 (approx 182 minutes)

Section 7: Article III: Four Judicial Myths
Dive into the original language of the Constitution to dispel myths associated with the judiciary. As you examine Article III in context, identify how our Founding Fathers intended the court system to work.

Section 8: First Amendment Freedom of Religion
Learn the definition of inalienable rights as defined by our Founding Fathers and discover how that definition impacts your first amendment rights, specifically the freedom of religion.

Section 9: The Bill of Rights
As you continue your study of inalienable rights in releation to amendments two through nine, start by examining how the laws of nature and the laws of nature's God differently impact the Bill of Rights.

VOLUME 4 (approx 82 minutes)

Section 10: The Amendment Process
Learn the logistics of amending the Constitution as the people of the United States. As you examine the specifics of the process, explore some possible amendments on the horizons.

Section 11: Duty of the Citizen
Wrap up your study of the Constitution with a discussion about what we the people can do to uphold the principles instituted by our Founding Fathers. From teaching the rising generation to electing public officials who are committed to upholding its principles, there are many ways you can make a difference in our nation.

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