Burden Of Proof

The one thing he needs is a second chance. But it's the one thing he can never get--or so he thinks.A few months before his twenty-first birthday, Eth...
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Author: Davis Bunn
Publisher: Revell
The one thing he needs is a second chance. But it's the one thing he can never get--or so he thinks.

A few months before his twenty-first birthday, Ethan missed the chance to save his brother's life. Adrian was murdered on the steps of the courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Ever since that fateful day, Ethan has sensed a deep disconnect between the man he should have been and the one he has become. His days play out a beat too slow, his mind rehashing the scene of his failure again and again.

When Adrian's widow appears, asking for his help in uncovering what was really behind his brother's death, Ethan is stunned. The legal case they were pursuing was more far-reaching than he could have imagined--it could even threaten the global power structure.

Ethan joins the search for answers at the ultimate cost. As he enters into his own past, will he discover a means to redeem the future?

"Bunn continues to astonish with his vision. In Burden of Proof, he explores fundamental issues of human relationships, regret, and the need we all share to gain wisdom. I was profoundly moved."--Joseph Raia, chair, American Bar Association International Law Section

"Burden of Proof hit me with the emotional equivalent of a Mack truck. Beautiful and complex characters and plot. I loved this story and its profoundly personal message. Wonderful!"--Sarah Gunning Moser, president, Lighthouse for Literacy

"Burden of Proof beautifully demonstrates that a life spent in pursuit of selfish ends holds the makings of profound emptiness. Bunn's rich characters and compelling plot beautifully reveal how hope is still possible, even here."--Dr. Brian J. Grim, president, Religious Freedom & Business Foundation

"Bunn has outdone himself this time. Burden of Proof kept me hooked from the very first page. This legal thriller invites us to consider the nature of the world itself. Bunn has opened my mind to a new vision of the human spirit."--Jeffrey Aresty, president, Internet Bar Organization

"Novels with otherworldly themes normally are not my cup of tea, but Bunn's latest work is an amazing exception. The way he brings together all the story's various components is truly memorable."--Carol Johnson, founder, The Christy Awards

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Publisher Revell
Author Davis Bunn
Binding Paperback
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