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Cannibalism Conquered John G. Paton Growing up in a little cottage in Dumfriesshire, Paton was cradled in the gospel and raised on a faithful ...
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Cannibalism Conquered

John G. Paton Growing up in a little cottage in Dumfriesshire, Paton was cradled in the gospel and raised on a faithful father's prayers. He grew to be a towering figure in the advancement of the gospel worldwide. He left that little cottage and his father's prayers to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the New Hebrides, an island group in the South Pacific. He faithfully laboured, and raised a family, among the wild and savage heathen, despite being in constant danger and threat of death. On the first assembling of his little congregation of converts, he wrote "I had the foretaste of the joy of glory that well-nigh broke my heart in pieces. I shall never taste a deeper bliss till I gaze on the glorified face of Jesus Himself." Alexander McKay When a young Scottish draughtsman, working in Germany, wrote in his diary the following words, "this day last year Livingstone died - a Scotsman and a Christian, loving God and his neighbour in the heart of Africa. Go thou and do likewise," the seed sown by a mother's prayers was beginning to show life. Later, he read H.M. Stanley's famous challenge written in the Daily Telegraph "challenging Christendom to send missionaries to Uganda." Answering the call of the Lord of the Harvest, MacKay put his life to the Master's use. He arrived in Zanzibar in May, 1876, taking two further years to reach Uganda. Amidst much opposition, many perils, hardships and setbacks, he never wavered, and never left Africa again. Stanley called him "the greatest missionary since Livingstone."

A Great Door and Effectual

A collection of missionary stories from around the world. Learn from great men and women of faith:

John Knox, John Wesley, Samuel Marsden, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, Mary Slessor

When the apostle Paul surveyed the harvest fields white and ready to harvest, he declared that "a great door and effectual is opened unto me." From then till now, countless individuals have gone through that door, each encountering their own "many adversaries."

In this book you will also read about:
* The pioneer missionary to New Zealand who stood between two warring tribes while they performed the Haka.
* The galley slave who had an audience with the queen.
* The natives who carried the remains of a beloved missionary for nine months so that he could be buried in his homeland.
* The missionary who when on furlough, was introduced as "our illustrious guest" replied, "I am the little servant of an illustrious master."
* The girl who was willing to travel ten hours up river by canoe to take the gospel to a native Chief.
"The cause for which Knox had suffered and toiled did not die when he passed away. His bold and fearless advocacy of the truth had an abiding influence in the hearts of many of God's people, and gave them courage to confess Christ, and to testify to the mighty power of the grace of God. Strong evils and stout adversaries require qualities such as John Knox possessed in a pre-eminent degree. His austerity, hardness, and perseverance were all required in the warfare that brings no pain to the conquered, and which is after all to be won by righteousness, meekness, and joy in the Holy Ghost." - from the story of John Knox.
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