Election And Predestination

Looking for answers, not arguments. Researching a topic by reading multiple books, hearing sermons, attending conferences, studying Church history, o...
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Author: P. A. Kerr
Publisher: Everyday Publications
Looking for answers, not arguments.

Researching a topic by reading multiple books, hearing sermons, attending conferences, studying Church history, or going to Bible college or seminary does not necessarily mean we have understood a subject biblically. We may have merely accessed peoples' opinions or even been convinced into a perspective because we have heard it so many times. The only way to truly understand a biblical issue is to search it out throughout the entire Bible itself - surveying every usage and occurrence, paying rigorous attention to specific context, and meticulously researching how the Bible itself presents and uses each word and concept.


The author writes, “It is definitely not my claim that I alone am right and everyone else's views are wrong. The goal is positive, not negative. This is a simple record of what happened after I hit the reset button and made a fresh start to find out what the Bible actually teaches and how it presents those teachings.”

'Rather than quoting Augustine, Luther, and Calvin, the author quotes liberally from Scripture and gives a truly biblical analysis of this important subject, Election and Predestination. Key Bible words are examined in their definition, context, and grammatical use. It helpfully digs deep into the truth and yet makes it accessible to almost any reader. Peter also sets a good example in tone in addressing a subject that has generated more than its share of controversy, showing us how to discuss matters with those who may disagree. A worthwhile resource on determinism and responsibility.” - BRIAN GUNNING

“In a refreshingly humble, straightforward manner, brother Kerr unpacks the biblical teaching concerning election and predestination. Avoiding the partisan polemics of the past, he simply uses Sola Scriptura - the sole authority of the Scriptures themselves - to clear away the accretions of tradition and common misunderstandings. In their place, he expounds the beautiful teaching of God's purpose for the world and His people.” - KEITH KEYSER

“Election and Predestination records the author's journey from his beginnings in reformed theology, to teaching classical Calvinism, to this painstaking Biblical investigation of God's sovereignty and human responsibility. Rather than comparing human dogmas to Scripture or to each other, brother Kerr relies on word studies, scriptural context, and solid exposition to navigate through this much debated subject. Those promoting systematized theologies often attack each other with a holy zeal that produces an unholy tone in their writings; however, brother Kerr does not resort to such tactics. A humble and deliberate tenor characterizes each step of his journey to discover what ‘free-will,' and predestination actually mean.” - WARREN HENDERSON

“The author has wisely declined to engage in the variety of controversies surrounding the doctrine of election. Rather, he has chosen to take the Scriptures as the only reliable source of information on the subject. The author also recalls that at one time he himself held Calvinistic views regarding election, and he tells us about ‘wrestling deeply in prayer,' as he found scripture challenging what he had always believed. This in itself adds value to the book, as it will encourage those holding Calvinistic views to read what he has to say about the scriptures dealing with the subject. The author has engaged in an exhaustive, accurate study of all the references to election, and their context, in Scripture, and he correctly concludes that election is never once mentioned in the sense of saving people from their sins, but rather God's electing grace has to do with appointment to a specific purpose or task. In concluding, we must never limit the scope of the Gospel, nor flag in our efforts in both preaching and prayer, on the understanding that the ‘whosoever' may come.” - WILLIAM BURNETT

“Join Peter on his eye-opening journey from the constraints of cold, intellectual theology to the safety and liberty of Scripture. This book isn't a spirited defense of a theological system of men, nor is it the trading in of one such scheme for another. Rather, it is a calm and careful Bible study that is presented in a gracious and balanced way.” - JAMES MARTIN

“Peter Kerr has skillfully exposed many of the errors of Reformed Theology in a clear and concise manner. His desire in dealing with these important issues is to say, “What saith the Scriptures” (Rom. 4:3). His writing style is thought provoking, but gracious and respectful. May the Lord deal with each of our hearts that we might learn, unlearn, and relearn!” - DAVID DUNLAP

Peter and his wife Dorothy moved to Canada in 1988 from South Africa. They were blessed with eight children, one of whom is already in heaven. Peter was on staff as a lecturer at Kawartha Lakes Bible College, Peterborough, ON, between 1990 - 2005, and as adjunct faculty until 2013. In 2005 they relocated to Northern Ontario to assist with the smaller assemblies in the region. Since 2010, Peter has been the Director of Emmaus Correspondence School, Canada. He also continues an itinerant preaching ministry as his health permits

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