Improbable Planet

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Are we really just the result of innumerable coincidences? Or is there a more reasonable explanation? Most of us remember the basics from science cl...
Author: Hugh Ross
Publisher: Baker Academic
Are we really just the result of innumerable coincidences?
Or is there a more reasonable explanation?

Most of us remember the basics from science classes about how Earth came to be the only known planet that sustains complex life. But what most people don't know is that the more thoroughly researchers investigate the history of our planet, the more astonishing the story of our existence becomes.

The number and complexity of the astronomical, geological, chemical, and biological features recognized as essential to human existence have expanded explosively within the past decade. An understanding of what is required to make possible a large human population and advanced civilizations has raised profound questions about life, our purpose, and our destiny.

This fascinating book helps nonscientists understand the countless miracles that undergird the exquisitely fine-tuned planet we call home--as if Someone had us in mind all along.

"With his typical clarity, insight, and precision, Ross shows how recent scientific findings undermine naturalism while simultaneously providing evidence that there is a plan, purpose, and design in the universe."--Sean McDowell, professor, Biola University; bestselling author of over fifteen books, including A New Kind of Apologist

"In Improbable Planet, Ross holds readers' hands, leading them in a readable yet gently technical format through a compelling layer-upon-layer argument for the distinctiveness of the planet on which we live and of the preparation for inimitable life on Earth. The text is replete with references from primary scientific articles in some of the most well-respected journals, underscoring the highest academic rigor taken in substantiating the factual claims. Only the shamefully flippant could dismiss this book as being a faith-filled presentation rather than the scholarly work it represents."--James M. Tour, T. T. and W. F. Chao Professor of Chemistry, Rice University; R&D magazine's 2013 Scientist of the Year

"Hugh Ross brilliantly silences those who would claim that this Earth, this solar system, this galaxy, and this universe are nothing but a mere accident. Improbable Planet is technical yet poetic; thoroughly scientific yet faith-inspiring. I commend it to anyone who seriously contemplates the wonder of this planet we call Earth."--Pat Robertson, founder/chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

"Hugh Ross takes us on a riveting tour of the scientific story, from the beginning of the cosmos to present humankind. He shows how that story pushes us toward the conclusion that purpose has driven the whole story, with the different pieces intertwined and each supporting the production of an ideal habitat for human beings right here and right now. Not only will this commend Christian faith to scientifically minded inquirers, but it will also strengthen the confidence of believers that we inhabit and participate in a meaningful and purposeful story."--C. John "Jack" Collins, professor of Old Testament, Covenant Theological Seminary

"With thorough notations and research, Hugh Ross takes us on a journey through time and space to bring us firmly back to our own planet, formed by one Creator. For those who need a scientific explanation of our universe and the life-forms within it, you will be satisfied. For those who already believe that God's divine hand created the world and all life within, you will be validated. Hugh Ross writes to stretch our intellect and to strengthen our faith. Improbable Planet does the improbable--demonstrates that the language of science does not threaten but instead augments the prose of evangelism."--Ed Young, senior pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, TX

Hugh Ross (PhD, University of Toronto) is founder and president of Reasons to Believe ( He is the author of many books, including More Than a Theory and Why the Universe Is the Way It Is. An astronomer and a member of the pastoral staff of a church near Caltech, Ross has addressed students and faculty on over three hundred campuses in the United States and abroad on a wide variety of science-faith topics. From science conferences to churches to government and private research labs, Ross presents powerful evidence for a purpose-filled universe. He lives in the Los Angeles area.

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Publisher Baker Academic
Author Hugh Ross
Binding Paperback
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