Key Bible Concepts

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Key Bible Concepts By: David Gooding & John Lennox How can one book be so widely appreciated and so contested? Millions revere it and many ridicu...
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Author: Gooding & Lennox
Series: Myrtlefield Encounters
Publisher: Myrtlefield House
Key Bible Concepts By: David Gooding & John Lennox

How can one book be so widely appreciated and so contested? Millions revere it and many ridicule it, but the Bible is often not allowed to speak for itself. Key Bible Concepts explores and clarifies the central terms of the Christian gospel. Gooding and Lennox provide succinct explanations of the basic vocabulary of Christian thought to unlock the Bible's meaning and its significance for today.

Myrtlefield Encounters are complementary studies of biblical literature, Christian teaching and apologetics. The Definition of Christianity throws fresh light on the Book of Acts and observes how the first generation of Christians identified and defended the unique features of the gospel. Christianity: Opium or Truth? offers new perspectives on perennialÐand crucialÐquestions such as the problem of pain and the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ. The Bible and Ethics presents a concise survey of leading events and people, ideas, poetry, moral values and ethics across both the Old and New Testaments. The books in this series engage the minds of believers and sceptics. They show how God has spoken in the Bible to address the realities of life and its questions, problems, beauty and potential.


David W. Gooding is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Greek at Queen's University, Belfast and a Member of the Royal Irish Academy. He has taught the Bible internationally and lectured on its relevance to philosophy and world religions. He has published scholarly studies on the Septuagint and Old Testament narratives, as well as expositions of Luke, John 13-17, Acts, Hebrews and the New Testament's Use of the Old Testament.

John C. Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, is an internationally renowned speaker on the interface of science, philosophy and religion. He regularly teaches at many academic institutions and teaches the Bible extensively. In addition to his academic works, he has published books exploring the relationship between science and Christianity. He has also participated in a number of televised debates with some of the world's leading atheist thinkers.


ISBN-13: 9781874584452 Binding: Paperback Pages: 176 Dimensions: 5.25″ x 8″ Publisher: Myrtlefield House (reprint 2013) Author: Gooding, David & Lennox, John

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Publisher Myrtlefield House
Series Myrtlefield Encounters
Author Gooding & Lennox
Binding Paperback
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