Marion Reid Trilogy

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Ruth and Naomi's House of Bread "My heart's desire is that you would read this book with an open heart and an open Bible. The intention of writing ...
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Author: Marion Reid
Publisher: Crimond House Publications
Ruth and Naomi's House of Bread

"My heart's desire is that you would read this book with an open heart and an open Bible. The intention of writing is not to place in your hands a 'theological or academic' exercise related to the Book of Ruth. What I would like you to see for yourself are 'ordinary' people living in 'ordinary' circumstances whose lives are touched by our 'extraordinary God.' The circumstances Ruth and Naomi faced and conquered as they shared in their grief, despair and faith, to some degree may mirror your own and my prayer would be that as you journey on in life, like them, you also would seek to keep on trusting God, even when the road seems bumpy or full of pot-holes." - the author.

Esther and Mordecai's House of Redemption

Dear Reader, The Biblical story of Esther introduces us to an orphan child who grew up to become queen in one of the world’s largest kingdoms during the reign of King Xerxes in 483 B.C. Few people ascend a royal throne who are not of royal blood, but Esther’s accession came about because of the angry, impulsive and evil desires of both the King and his royal advisors. This story delivers on every level, as we read of intrigue, conspiracy, manipulation and dishonour. All of which propel Esther and Mordecai into a state of total dependence upon the God of Israel. We witness Mordecai displaying profound grief for his nation and Esther driven to the place of prayer and self-sacrifice. Although God is not mentioned throughout the Book of Esther in our Bibles, it is impossible to read the story and fail to recognize His fingerprints. As you read this book may your mind be alert to the work of God in each of the characters, so that this may overflow into your own life with the realisation that He is also at work in you, perfecting those things which He purposed in eternity past. If the wind suddenly changes and you are turned in a different direction - fear not God is still in control If the circumstances look bleak and you feel crushed on every side - fear not God is still in control If your heart is breaking and the path before you is dark - fear not God is still in control If you are in doubt about anything, cannot work it out or feel confused- fear not God is still in control

Ezra and Nehemiah's House of Prayer

Dear Reader, The books of Ezra and Nehemiah will encourage, challenge, and strengthen our faith, and give us a renewed sense of purpose in our prayer lives. In them, we see afresh our Heavenly Father's dealings with His people; His faithfulness, His covenant promises and His absolute sovereignty over the nations. Although the story begins with the decree of King Cyrus which allowed the exiles to return home and, like every good story, it's best to start at the beginning, this story does not start at the first chapter of the book itself. The prophet Isaiah wrote of Cyrus, more than a century before he was even born! When most mums and dads are pondering as to what to 'call the baby,' God had already named him! This man was prophesied to become one whom God would also call, 'His shepherd.' In other words, Cyrus would arrive at a position in his life which would, in the greater plan of God, open the door for God’s people to be released from their seventy year captivity and return to their own land. So it was in 539 B.C., Cyrus, King of Persia, along with Darius the Mede, conquered King Belshazzar, King of Babylon and thus began a series of events which would bring to fruition prophesies and promises God had given through the prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah. God's faithfulness to His covenant people, through His spoken word, would see them rejoice in His grace and favour. Their seventy year captivity had come to an end and freedom beckoned. God had remembered His promises and He had not forgotten their situation. As you read, may you be stirred in spirit, energised in vision and determined to seek the God of the Word with a new sense of purpose and resolve. When you feel as if God has forgotten you He is faithful and He remembers When you think He hasn't heard or isn't answering He is faithful and He remembers When time and options seem to be running out He is faithful and He remembers When you have done all you can do, lift up your head He is faithful and He remembers
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