Mary Slessor of Calabar

Born into humble circumstances in nineteenth century Scotland, Mary Slessor’s path seemed determined as she began work as a child laborer in a textile...
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Author: W. P. Livingstone
Series: Scripture Testimony Collection
Publisher: Walking Together Press
Born into humble circumstances in nineteenth century Scotland, Mary Slessor’s path seemed determined as she began work as a child laborer in a textile mill. Short of stature, blue-eyed, red-haired, and with a fiery personality to match, Mary was made of tough stuff. Even though she worked twelve hours per day, she faithfully attended night school, even bringing books to work, stealing glances as she could. Her homelife was full of conflict and want until her alcoholic father died, after which Mary became the primary breadwinner. These trying circumstances were the refining crucible of Mary’s strong character and her deep faith in God, a faith that was modeled by her mother. Mary lived out this faith through teaching and serving the poor-especially the rough children-in the slums of Dundee, Scotland.

Even from childhood her sights were set on far-off places. Mary and her family enthusiastically followed the reports of the new Presbyterian mission in Calabar, Nigeria. She said, “It was the dream of my girlhood to be a missionary to Calabar.” At age twenty-eight, she was able to join the mission herself, and spent nearly four decades serving the people there.

God used Mary Slessor’s upbringing to prepare her for life in Africa. She endeared herself to the people by living the way they lived, and eating the food they ate. This was partly because she was used to humble circumstances, but also so that she could economize as she continued to support her family back in Scotland from her missionary’s salary. Her experiences in the rough neighborhoods of Dundee gave her a boldness to deal with intense conflicts and murderous superstitions in Calabar. Impelled by the love of Christ, she championed the causes of the poor and weak, especially women and children. To combat the superstitious tradition of killing twins, she adopted many while she preached on the value of life.

Today, more than one hundred years later, Mary Slessor is still celebrated in Calabar, Nigeria. Her statue stands in the center of the city, a memorial to a woman whose life was a blessing to this people. She is depicted holding infant twins.

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Publisher Walking Together Press
Series Scripture Testimony Collection
Author W. P. Livingstone
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