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A Completely new revised Hymn Book with a number of rarely sung hymns removed and a considerable number of hymns added. This will enhance the suitabil...
Publisher: John Ritchie LTD
A Completely new revised Hymn Book with a number of rarely sung hymns removed and a considerable number of hymns added. This will enhance the suitability of the Hymn Book not only for the Breaking of Bread, but also for Ministry Meetings and Conferences.

A Debtor to mercy alone A little while of mingled joy and sorrow A little while! Our Lord shall come. A mighty fortress is our God A mind at perfect peace with God A perfect path of purest grace A Pilgrim through this lonely world A Rock that stands for ever A wealth of grace and truth replete A wonderful Saviour is Jesus my Lord Abba, Father! we adore Thee Abba, Father! we approach Thee Abide in me, my Saviour According to Thy gracious Word Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? All hail the power of Jesus' name! All people that on earth do dwell All that I was—my sin, my guilt All the way my Saviour leads me; Altogether lovely Am I a Soldier of the Cross Amazing grace, how sweet the sound Amen!  One lasting, long Amen! Amidst us our Beloved stands And can it be that I should gain And did the Holy and the Just And is it so! we shall be like Thy Son And shall we see Thy face Arise, my soul, arise Around Thy grave, Lord Jesus Around Thy table, Holy Lord As gathered to Thy precious name As in holy contemplation As prophets past foretold Him As sinners saved we gladly praise Assembled, Lord, at Thy behest At rest through Jesus' blood Awake, my soul, in joyful lays Be not afraid whate'er betide Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side Be Thou my Vision – exclude the last verse Before the throne of God above Before Thine open ear Behold the amazing sight Behold the Lamb with glory crowned! Behold the Man by God approved Behold the throne of grace! Behold! a spotless Victim dies Behold! Behold the Lamb of God Behold, what love, what boundless love Beneath an eastern sky Beneath the Cross of Jesus Beyond the scenes of darkest night Blessed Assurance Jesus is Mine Blessed be God, our God! Blessed God of Glory Blessed God our hearts are bringing Blessed God we come before Thee Blessed God we meditate Blessed Lord, our souls are longing Blessed retrospection Blest morning, whose first dawning rays Break every barrier down Break Thou the bread of life Brethren, let us join to bless Bride of the Lamb, there is for thee Bright with all His crowns of glory Brightness of God's glory He Brightness of the eternal glory By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored Came He to Bethlehem's manger Christ the Lord is risen on high! Christians, go and tell of Jesus Christ's grave is vacant now Come sing, my soul, and praise the Lord Come, all ye saints of God! Come, every joyful heart Come, let us all unite to sing Come, let us join our cheerful songs Come, let us sing the matchless worth Come, let us sing the song of songs Come, let us to the Lord our God, with contrite hearts return Come, my soul, thy suit prepare; Come, Thou Fount of every blessing Come, ye that know the Saviour's above Crown Him with many crowns Crowned with thorns upon the tree Crowns of glory ever bright Darkness veiled Gethsemane Day by day and with each passing moment Days are filled with sorrow and care Dear Saviour Thou Art Mine Does Jesus care? Done is the work that saves Drawing near in full assurance Dread Golgotha Eternal Light! eternal Light! Eternal Word, eternal Son! Face to face with Christ my Saviour Facing a task unfinished Faint not, Christian! though the road Fairer than the fairest Father of mercies! In Thy Word Father! we, Thy children, bless Thee Father, Thy name our souls would bless Father, to seek Thy face Fight the good fight with all thy might; Fill Thou my life, O Lord my God For ever with the Lord! For ever with Thee, Lord For the bread and for the wine Forth from Gabbatha see Him led Forth in His Name we go From Egypt lately come From every stormy wind that blows From Heaven He came From Salem's gates advancing slow From whence this fear and unbelief Garden of gloom appalling Gathered again to break the bread Gathered to Thy name, Lord Jesus Gathered, Lord, around Thy table Gazing on Thee, Lord, in glory Gently they took Him down Give me a sight O Saviour Glory to God on high! Glory to Thee; Thou Son of God most High Glory unto Jesus be! Glory, glory everlasting Glory, Lord, is Thine for ever Go, labour on; spend, and be spent; God hath not promised skies ever blue God holds the key of all unknown God moves in a mysterious way God sent His Son God's almighty arms are round me Golgotha's scene recalling Grace! 'tis a charming sound Gracious God, we worship Thee Great God of wonders! All Thy ways Great God with wonder and with praise Great is Thy faithfulness Great Shepherd of the sheep Great Shepherd of Thy chosen flock Guide us, O Thou great Jehovah Hail sovereign love, that first began Hail to the Lord's Anointed Hail, Thou once despised Jesus! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Happy they who trust in Jesus! Hark the herald angels sing Hark! my soul, it is the Lord; Hark! ten thousand voices crying Hark! 'tis the watchman's cry Hast Thou heard Him, seen Him, known Him Have I an object here below Have Thine own way, Lord He bears the cruel scourge from men He comes!  He comes! He dies! He dies! The lowly Man of sorrows He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater He is coming, coming for us He is coming, how this gladdens He is not a disappointment He leadeth me, O blessed thought! He lives—the great Redeemer lives; He sitteth o'er the waterfloods He took a loaf Here is love, vast as the ocean Here o'er the earth as a stranger I roam Here we remember Him Here, O our Lord, we see Thee face to face; High on a cruel cross of shame Himself He could not save His exodus, the wondrous theme His fame we sing, His victory Hold Thou my hand Holy Father, we address Thee Holy Saviour! We adore Thee Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty! Hope of our hearts, O Lord, appear! How bright that blessed hope! How deep the Father's love for us How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord How good is the God we adore How great, our Father, was Thy love How I praise Thee, precious Saviour! How sweet is the story of God's  How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds How wonderful! That Thou the Son hast come I am redeemed, O praise the Lord I am the Lord's! O joy beyond expression I am Thine, O Lord! I have heard Thy voice I am waiting for the dawning I bless the Christ of God; I bow me to Thy will, O God I cannot tell why He whom angels worship I Do No Work My Soul to Save I do not know what lies ahead I have a Friend whose faithful love I have a home above I have a Shepherd, one I love so well I have been at the altar and witnessed the Lamb I have only one life on this earth I hear the accuser roar I hear the words of love I heard the voice of Jesus say I journey through a desert drear and wild I know not the hour of His coming I know not when, but this I know I left it all with Jesus long ago; I need Thee, precious Saviour! I once was a stranger to grace and to God I saw One hanging on a Tree I saw the Cross of Jesus I serve a risen Saviour I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me I stand amazed in the presence I thirst, but not as once I did I to the hills will lift mine eyes I want to walk with Jesus Christ I was a wand'ring sheep I was sinking deep in sin I will never, never leave thee I will sing of my Redeemer I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus I'd rather have Jesus than silver or gold I'm not ashamed to own my Lord I'm a pilgrim and stranger I'm but a stranger here; I'm waiting for Thee, Lord Immortal, invisible, God only wise In Christ alone In heavenly love abiding In holy majesty He moved In hope we lift our wishful, longing eyes In loving kindness Jesus came In seasons of grief to my God I'll repair In smooth and silken whiteness In songs of praise our God, to Thee In the name of Jesus every knee shall bow Is it Thy will that I should be It is a thing most wonderful It may be at morn It passeth knowledge, that dear love of Thine It was alone the Saviour prayed I've found a Friend; O such a Friend! I've found a joy in sorrow I've found the precious Christ of God Jehovah is our strength Jesus calls us! o'er the tumult Jesus Christ, Thou King of Glory Jesus is coming! Sing the glad word! Jesus is our Shepherd, wiping ev'ry tear Jesus my Lord will love me forever Jesus our Saviour Thou and Lord Jesus shall reign where'er the sun Jesus was slain for me Jesus! In Thee our eyes behold Jesus! In whom all glories meet Jesus! Source of life eternal Jesus! The name high over all Jesus, I am resting, resting Jesus, in His heav'nly temple Jesus, keep me near the Cross Jesus, Lord, I need Thy presence Jesus, Lord, I'm never weary Jesus, Lord, Thy love to me Jesus, Lord, we come together Jesus, Lord, we know Thee present Jesus, Lover of my soul Jesus, our Lord, Thy worthiness we sing Jesus, our Lord, with what joy we adore Thee Jesus, the Lord our Righteousness! Jesus, Thou joy of loving hearts Jesus, Thy dying love I own Join all the glorious names Just as I am, Thine own to be Kept, safely kept; King of my life, I crown Thee Lamb of God! our souls adore Thee Lamb of God! Thou now art seated Let us love and sing and wonder! Let us rejoice in Christ the Lord Light of the world, shine on our souls; Like a river, glorious Lo, He comes! With clouds descending Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious; Loosed are the bands of death Lord and Saviour, we remember Lord Jesus Christ we seek Thy face Lord Jesus Christ, the thought of Thee Lord Jesus, are we one with Thee? Lord Jesus, come! Lord Jesus, Friend unfailing! Lord Jesus, gladly do our lips express Lord Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine Lord Jesus, in Thy Name alone Lord Jesus, my Saviour! Lord Jesus, Thine; Lord Jesus, Thou who only art Lord Jesus, Thou, by whom the worlds were made Lord Jesus, to tell of Thy love Lord! to Thee my heart ascending Lord, e'en to death Thy love could go Lord, I desire to live as one Lord, in Thy form and comeliness Lord, speak to me, that I may speak Lord, Thy ransomed Church is waking Lord, Thy word abideth Lord, we are Thine: our God Thou art Lord, we love to trace Thy footprints Lord, we treasure with affection Lord, we would ne'er forget Thy love Lord, when I think upon the love Love bound Thee to the altar Love divine, all loves excelling Love divine, so great and wondrous Love's immensity behold Loved with everlasting love Low in the grave He lay Low on the ground the Lord of glory lies Majestic sweetness sits enthroned. Man of Sorrows! what a name Man's day is fast receding Master, speak! Thy servant heareth May the mind of Christ my Saviour Meeting in the Saviour's Name Memorable morning Mid the splendours of the glory Midnight shadows close around Midst the darkness, storm and sorrow Mine eyes are unto Thee, my God More about Jesus would I know More holiness give me More love to Thee, O Christ My chains are snapt, the bonds of sin are broken My glorious Victor, Prince divine My God! what cords of love are Thine My God, I am Thine; My God, I have found My God, my Father, while I stray My heart can sing, when I pause to remember My heart is bubbling over, Lord My heart is full of Christ, and longs My hope is built on nothing less My Lord has garments so wondrous fine My Redeemer! O what beauties My rest is in heaven, my rest is not here My Saviour, I would own Thee My Shepherd is the Lamb My sins were laid on Jesus My song is love unknown My soul amid this stormy world Nailed to a Cross No act of power could e'er atone No blood, no altar now No bone of Thee was broken No condemnation! O my soul No future but glory, Lord Jesus, have we No gospel like this feast No lips like Thine, most blessed Lord No room in the inn for the Saviour was found No shadows yonder! All light and song No unforeseen event None but Thyself, O God, could estimate None teacheth, Lord, like Thee Not all the blood of beasts Not now, but in the coming years Not what I am, O Lord, but what Thou art. Now I have found a Friend Now, in a song of grateful praise O Blessed God to Thee we raise O blessed God! How kind O blessed Lord, what hast Thou done! O blessed moment, ever drawing nigh O blessed Saviour! is Thy love O child of God, there is for thee O Christ! He is the fountain O Christ! in Thee my soul hath found O Christ! We rest in Thee O Christ, Thou heavenly Lamb! O Christ, Thou Son of God! O Christ, what burdens bowed Thy head! O come, Thou stricken Lamb of God  O ever homeless Stranger O eyes that are weary, and hearts that are sore O for a closer walk with God O for a thousand tongues to sing O for the peace that floweth as a river! O for the robes of whiteness O glorious Lord! What thoughts Thy mind did fill O God can we Thy Son forget O God His Father, rev'rently O God of Bethel! By whose hand O God of everlasting days O God of glorious majesty O God of matchless grace O God our Father, we would come to Thee O God, our help in ages past O God, Thou now hast glorified O happy day! when first we felt O happy day, that fixed my choice O Happy home! O Happy home! O head, once filled with bruises O how happy are they O it was kind of Him O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me O Jesus Lord, ‘tis Thee alone O Jesus, I have promised O joy of the justified, joy of the free! O Lamb of God! still keep me O Lamb of God! 'tis joy to know O Lamb of God, we lift our eyes O Lord of heaven and earth and sea O Lord! 'tis joy to look above O Lord, how infinite Thy love O Lord, how much Thy Name unfolds O Lord, I would delight in Thee O Lord, it is Thyself to meet O Lord, it is Thyself; none, none but Thee O Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder O Lord, Thy love's unbounded! O Lord, when we the path retrace O Lord, where'er Thy people meet O Lord, who art Thy people's light O Lord, who now art seated O love divine, how sweet Thou art! O love that wilt not let me go O Master! when Thou callest O Our Saviour, crucified! O Patient, spotless One! O precious blood, O glorious death O precious exercise  O precious heavenly Bridegroom O sacred Head, now wounded O safe to the rock that is higher than I O solemn hour! O hour alone O soul, are you weary and troubled O Spotless Lamb of God, in Thee O teach me what it meaneth O teach us more of Thy blest ways O teach us, Lord, Thy searchless love to know O the bitter shame and sorrow! O The deep, deep love of Jesus! O Thou tender, gracious Shepherd O Thou, my soul, bless God the Lord; O what a lonely path were ours O what a wonderful, wonderful day O what shall we feel in Thy presence when first O wonderful, wonderful Word of the Lord O wondrous hour, when Jesus, Thou O Wondrous Saviour! Jesus Lord O worship the King all-glorious above Of Thee, Lord, we would never tire; Oh, the brightness of the glory On a hill far away On Christ salvation rests secure; On His Father's throne is seated On Jordan's banks He stands On merit not my own I stand On that bright and golden morning On that most holy morn On that same night, Lord Jesus On Thy broken body feeding Once more before we part One day when Heaven was filled One there is above all others Our Father! O what gracious ways Our God and Father, we draw near to Thee Our God, whose justice did awake Our grateful hearts would raise Our great Redeemer liveth! This assurance Our hearts are full, O Father Our hearts are glad Our Lord is now rejected Our souls are in God's mighty hand Our times are in Thy hand; Our voice with one accord Ours are peace and joy divine Peace, peace is mine! The peace of Jesu's making Poor, weak, and worthless though I am Praise appreciative Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer! Praise the Lord, and leave to-morrow Praise the Lord, who died to save us Praise the peerless name of Jesus Praise the Saviour, ye who know Him! Praise thy Saviour, O my soul! Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation; Praise ye Jehovah! Praise the Lord most holy Praise ye the Lord! again, again Praise, my soul, the King of heaven; Praise, praise ye the Name of Jehovah, our God; Prayer is the soul's sincere desire Precious is the blood of Jesus Precious thought, my Father knoweth Press forward and fear not! Put thou thy trust in God Redeemed! How I love to proclaim it Rejected and despised Rejoice! The Lord is King; Rest of the saints above Revive Thy work, O Lord! Rise, my soul! behold 'tis Jesus Rise, my soul! thy God directs thee; Rise, my soul, with joy and gladness Rock of Ages! Cleft for me Round Himself we come so gladly Round His steps the sweetest fragrance Safe in the arms of Jesus Salvation to our God! Satisfied with Thee, Lord Jesus Saviour, lead us by Thy power Saviour, more than life to me Saviour, round these emblems blessed Saviour, Thou art waiting, waiting Saviour, through the desert lead us! Saviour, Thy dying love Saviour, Thy Name I love! Saviour, we remember Thee! Shew me Thy wounds, exalted Lord Show me Thy face Simply trusting every day Sing the wondrous love of Jesus Sing to God, my spirit sing So send I you Some day the silver cord will break Some glorious morning, sorrow will cease Sometimes a light surprises Son of God, exalted now Son of God, 'twas love that made Thee Soon shall our Master come Soon will the Master come – soon pass away Sorrows abounding Sovereign grace! o'er sin abounding Sowing the seed by the daylight fair Speak, Lord, in the stillness Stricken, smitten and afflicted Sweet are the seasons when we wait Sweet feast of love divine! Sweet hour of prayer Sweet is the savour of His Name Sweet the moments, rich in blessing Sweet the theme of Jesu's love Sweeter sounds than music knows Take my life, and let it be Take the name of Jesus with you Take the world, but give me Jesus Take time to be holy Teach me Thy way, O Lord That night in which He was betrayed That sight of love unveiled The atoning work is done The bread and wine are spread upon the board The Church's one foundation The cloudless day is nearing The countless multitude on high The Cross! the Cross! the blood-stained Cross! The day of glory bearing The day returns into His Name The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended; The gloom of dark Gethsemane The glory shines before me The God of Abraham praise The Head that once was crowned with thorns The holiest now we enter The hour arrives, they reach the place The King of love my Shepherd is The Lamb of God to slaughter led The Lord Himself shall come The Lord is risen: now death's dark judgment flood The Lord of glory being found The Lord of Glory! Who is He? The Lord will perfect that which doth concern me The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want: The love of God is greater far The love that Jesus had for me The name of Jesus is so sweet The night is wearing fast away The perfect righteousness of God The Saviour comes! No outward pomp The Saviour lives, no more to die; The Saviour's blood, on Calvary shed The sorrows of the daily life The veil is rent: Lo! Jesus stands The wanderer no more will roam There have been names that I have loved to hear There is a fold whence none can stray There is a fountain filled with blood There is a green hill far away There is a Name I love to hear There is an eye that never sleeps There is coming a day There will never be a sweeter story There's a call comes ringing There's a land that is fairer than day They nailed my Lord upon the tree Thine be the glory Thine ever – loved and chosen Thine is the love, Lord, that draws us together This world is a wilderness wide Thou art coming, O our Saviour! Thou art the Everlasting Word Thou hidden love of God, Whose height Thou life of my life, blessed Saviour Thou who did'st come to die Thou whose almighty word Thou, my everlasting portion! Though faint yet pursuing Thought-views that n'er grow dim Thrice blessed hope that cheers Through Him to Thee, His God Through the love of God our Saviour Through Thy precious body broken Thy broken body, gracious Lord Thy grace, O Lord, that measured once the deep Thy life was given for me Thy love we own, Lord Jesus; Thy Name we bless, Lord Jesus! Till He come! O let the words Tis finished all: our souls to win Tis past, the dark and dreary night. 'Tis the blessed hour of prayer when our hearts lowly bend Tis we, O Lord, whom Thou hast shown To Calvary, Lord, in spirit now To God be the glory To Thee, His God, we bring To Thee, O gracious Saviour! Together at the feast Twas love that sought Gethsemane 'Twas on that night, when doomed to know Until He come Unto Him who loved us, gave us Unto the end with even pace Walk in the light, so shalt thou know Was it for me, for me alone We are waiting for the moment We bless our Saviour's Name We bless Thee, God and Father We come, our gracious Father We feast on the fruit that He bears  We look upon the loaf and cup We love to sing with one accord We praise Thee, Lord, in strains of deepest joy We praise Thy great love We remember glory shining We rest on Thee, our Shield and our Defender We saw Thee not when Thou didst come We sing the praise of Him who died We thank Thee, O His Father, God We would prepared, O God We would remember, Lord, Thy Cross We'll all gather home in the morning We've no abiding city here We'll sing of the Shepherd that died We're a pilgrim band in a stranger land What a fellowship, what a joy divine What a Friend we have in Jesus What grace, O Lord, and beauty shone What holy mem'ries fill What raised the wondrous thought What though the way be lonely What was it, O our God What will it be to dwell above What will it be when all life's toil is finished When all my labours and trials are o'er When first, o'erwhelmed with sin and shame When I survey the wondrous Cross When my life's work is ended When peace, like a river, attendeth my way When this passing world is done; When upon life's billows; When we reach our peaceful dwelling When we walk with the Lord Where high the heavenly temple stands Where the few together gather Who can cheer the heart like Jesus? Who is He in yonder stall? With conscience purged With fitting reverence and awe With harps and with vials With His lowly condescension With Jesus in our midst With joy we meditate the grace With overflowing hearts we gather With praise, O God, our hearts abound With purposed heart He goes to meet With rev'rence we remember Him With steady pace the pilgrim moves With Thy Son our occupation Without a cloud between; Without a trace of Adam's sin Wonderful birth to a manger He came Wonderful grace of Jesus Worthy of homage and of praise; Worthy, worthy is the Lamb! Worthy, worthy, worthy, Thou, of adoration Ye gates, lift up your heads on high; Ye servants of God, your Master proclaim
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