The Perfect Wave Dvd (90 Mins)

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Dvd Perfect Wave, The (90 Mins) A movie based on the life of Ian McCormack. Ian has g...
Dvd Perfect Wave, The (90 Mins)

A movie based on the life of Ian McCormack.

Ian has grown up surfing the waters of New Zealand's eastern shore, and at the age of 24 he sets out on a journey with his best friend to chase the perfect wave. Travelling through Australia, Southeast Asia and Africa, they surf incredible breaks and revel in the life of ongoing travel, party and adventure.

While in Mauritius, Ian receives news that his brother is getting married and decides to go home for the wedding. The night before, Ian goes out for a final night dive with his local fisherman friends. In the dark water of the reef, Ian is stung by a group of deadly box jellyfish; the venom of which is so poisonous, one sting can kill. Left on the shore by a frightened fisherman's son, Ian has to beg and plead for help to get to the hospital. As he lies dying in the ambulance, Ian hears an audible voice leading him, and he begins to cry out to God, knowing that death is close. He prays the Lord's Prayer and surrenders the rest of his life to Jesus.

At the Mauritian hospital, the doctor does all he can, but Ian is pronounced dead and is covered with a sheet and wheeled off to the morgue. Ian finds himself out of his own body and in foreboding darkness. Voices full of hate torment him and inform him he is in hell. Suddenly, a brilliant light breaks through the darkness lifting Ian towards it. Ian experiences wave after wave of love and finds himself in the presence of God. Ian is given a choice to stay or to return. At first, he wants to stay, but after Christ shows him his mother in prayer and also a multitude of people with whom God wants him to share his experience, Ian decides to return ...

Starring Scott Eastwood, Rachel Hendrix, Cheryl Ladd and Diana Vickers. 90 minutes.

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