Towards Jerusalem

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Author: Steve Brady
Publisher: BRF
Content God has an agenda for cities. Steve Brady is convinced of it. The Bible is full of signifi...


God has an agenda for cities. Steve Brady is convinced of it. The Bible is full of significant cities and the biblical story is full of imagery of cities-culminating in God's 'holy city', birthed in and through his people. Towards Jerusalem is a unique Lent book, a call to live for a vision bigger than ourselves, marching to a different drumbeat towards 'Zion', God's New Jerusalem and all that this means in transformative terms for today's Christian believer.



  • Ash Wednesday: Temptations
  • Thursday: Blessed are the balanced
  • Friday: The ultimate mission statement
  • Saturday: Runners and spectators
  • Week 1: Seeking a city: unfamiliar people and places

  • Sunday: From a garden to a city
  • Monday: Superheroes or villains?
  • Tuesday: Human potential and its hubris
  • Wednesday: A saved soul and a wasted life
  • Thursday: A place for tears
  • Friday: Mid-life crisis
  • Saturday: Eisodus comes before exodus
  • Week 2: Finding a home: undulating experiences of God

  • Sunday: Everybody needs good neighbours
  • Monday: Upwardly mobile
  • Tuesday: The ideal home show
  • Wednesday: Strong foundations
  • Thursday: Life in perspective
  • Friday: Peace in the city
  • Saturday: Troubled waters
  • Week 3: Rebuilding a ruin: unpromising situations

  • Sunday: Praying
  • Monday: Influencing
  • Tuesday: Organising
  • Wednesday: Coping
  • Thursday: Rectifying
  • Friday: Completing
  • Saturday: Reforming
  • Week 4: Creating communities of faith: unpredictable churches

  • Sunday: Sound Street Abbey - Ephesus
  • Monday: Crown Close Cathedral - Smyrna
  • Tuesday: Martyr's Memorial Church - Pergamum
  • Wednesday: Loose Lane Fellowship - Thyatira
  • Thursday: Cemetery Junction Church - Sardis
  • Friday: Main Road Assembly - Philadelphia
  • Saturday: Cool Court Chapel - Laodicea
  • Week 5: Approaching Jerusalem: unexpected heroes and villains

  • Sunday: A short-sighted trio
  • Monday: Samaritans
  • Tuesday: A midnight caller
  • Wednesday: Amazing grace
  • Thursday: Future shock
  • Friday: Open all hours?
  • Saturday: What's so dangerous about grace?
  • Week 6: Redeeming the world: the unrecognised builder

  • Palm Sunday: Crossing the Rubicon
  • Monday: Givers and takers
  • Tuesday: Back to the future
  • Wednesday: Red-letter day
  • Maundy Thursday: Gethsemane
  • Good Friday: A dying thief, a living hope
  • Holy Saturday: Dead and gone?
  • Easter Day: The short walk to freedom
  • Epilogue: Easter Monday: Our man in heaven
  • Notes
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