Words: Suddenly From on High!

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Writing poetry is not easy but these poems were an indicator that we have no idea what God can unlock, and do in us, when we have a willing heart. The...
Author: Eddie Currie
Writing poetry is not easy but these poems were an indicator that we have no idea what God can unlock, and do in us, when we have a willing heart. The poems in this book have been written in an amazing array of situations and feelings--some up and some down, some critical and some not and at different seasons and different events! The author has written poems about many things--his family and his circumstances. Many are written about his wider (Christian) family and about where he has stood in his Christian experience (good and bad)! He has now had the opportunity, in the middle of self-isolation and the coronavirus, to read over them again and put them into book form. “Eddie Currie is a legend when it comes to writing poetry. In this anthology of some of his finest poems, your heart will soar to new heights of joy and delight as you enjoy a varied selection which has flowed from his pen. I love them. You will too.” —Sam Gordon, Bible teacher and author, Truth for Today “Reading through the poems written by my dear friend Eddie Currie has been inspirational, heartfelt, and remindful, in so many poetic ways, of how God’s love impacts our everyday lives. . . . I promise they will cause you to pause and deepen your relationship with God. I know they did for me.” —Gene Foose, One-on-One Men’s Discipleship Program, Flat Run Church “Words is a reflection of the Eddie we know and love at Hamilton Road Baptist Church. Over many years, Eddie has shared some of these words around the communion table, bringing hope and inspiration to many with poetic reflections on the glory of the cross of Christ. I would highly commend this work to encourage you to consider Christ or continue to walk with him.” —Jonathan E. McClaughlin, Senior Pastor, Hamilton Road Baptist Church “The author has included a variety of poems in his collection: some are based largely on Scripture; others are his interpretation of a biblical narrative; some have been inspired by something he has read or heard; some challenge the status quo or simply challenge the reader. The author has a gift for being able to put himself into someone else’s shoes, as well as a gift for reflecting on ordinary things.” —Pauline Wilson, Biblical Counselor and Retreat Facilitator “Words presents an inspired, inspiring, and engaging presentation of gospel truths which engenders both challenge and blessing. The prose presents, in its own unique style, an opportunity to take the reader beyond the script and into a mode of personal examination and self-assessment. You will not be disappointed in reading Words and letting yourself be led by each and every poem, and each and every line.” —Walter J. McCorkell, Executive Director, One Mission Society
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Author Eddie Currie
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